Friday, February 26, 2010

Festive Friday Fun

Since I have embraced my newly self-appointed role of social coordinator of all things awesome (yes, that's an official title), I have re-discovered some friends from my past that are still just as great as they used to be back in the day, if not better than ever!  Plus, I have these amazing new friends that make life just as fabulous!  As far as festive Friday fun goes, we are heading out to Cow Town tonight to see what kind of havoc we twenty and thirty-somethings can wreak upon the unsuspecting streets and establishments of good ol' Fort Worth.  It's been about four-five years since I have had fun out there.  It should be good times with great friends tonight!

I love the outlook my eyes have these days and the ever shrinking waistline around my middle. Between yoga and just plain ol' sweatin' running, my stress level is pretty much non-existent, and I even have dreaded research papers to grade.  I had forgotten how great it feels to have that regular feeling of health in my life.  Don't worry I'm not going to become a tree hugging, health-nut, although there is absolutely nothing wrong with that as far as I'm concerned.  I'm looking forward to just being a down right healthy, down home country girl who stills loves to embrace the FUN that life can bring sometimes, cheese puffs and keyrock included:)!!!  

These are my festive Friday fun ramblings.  I hope they find you well and livin' it up in your own way!!!

Peace out homefries!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Are you okay?

This seems to be the question most asked of me lately.  While this is completely understandable given the circumstances, what I want to shout from the rooftops (to be completely cliche) is I am FABULOUS!  I have moved through the sadness part of the roller coaster, pretty much moved through the anger part of the same ride, and I am now finding this peace that I didn't know could exist.

There are more moments now when I have to stop and pause and remind myself that the past year and a month of my life really did happen because there are days when it just feels like a dream that started out great but ended up a nightmare. To be honest, it doesn't feel real 99 percent of the time.  I have never really had the capacity to block something out like this before, but I think part of my subconscious knew it was never right.  I'm thinking that part of my brain is helping me through this along with family, friends, and some great musical artists.  

I have once again found my roots, and I don't plan on turning from them again any time soon, if ever.  If this was the wake-up call that I needed, as stubborn as I am, to get my head on straight and focus on things that should have been priorities for such a long time, then I have to welcome this recent event in my life no matter the pain and heartache it brought with it initially. 

Someone very important in my life recently asked if I had had that "whew" (make gesture of wiping my brow) moment as far as all this is concerned yet, and the answer is, "Yes, I have." The phrase "dodging a bullet" has also been used.  We weren't right, we both had our faults, and we both made our mistakes.  We did not need to be together.  I can say that now with all honesty, THANK GOD!  Do I wish things had been handled in a much more responsible and mature manner?  YES!!!  Will we ever have that, "we eventually became friends," moment? NO, not only NO, HELL NO!!!  There is too much water under the bridge for me as I am sure there is for the other party too.  With all of this said, I leave the blogosphere with these Sugarland lyrics as my words of parting:

I ain't settling for just getting by
I've had enough so so for the rest of my life
Tired of shooting too low, so raise the bar high
Just enough ain't enough this time
I ain't settling for anything less than everything, yeah

With some good red wine and my brand new shoes
Gonna dance a blue streak around my living room
Take a chance on love and try how it feels
With my heart wide open yeah you know I will
Find what it means to be the girl
Who'll change her mind and change her world

I ain't settling for just getting by
I've had enough so so for the rest of my life
Tired of shooting too low, so raise the bar high
Just enough ain't enough this time
I ain't settling for anything less than everything

This is how I see things now.  I'm not settling, and I was about to do that because I just wanted it sooooo badly.  

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tuesday Trio: Three Things to Ponder

Un: When did I move back to Colorado because this weather is definitely messing with my head?

Deux: Why can I say things literally what feels like a million times, yet it doesn't register with certain individuals of the teenage persuasion whom I encounter daily?

Trois: Why are some people so passive aggressive to the point it actually becomes a source of humor in my life, not frustration as it should, to see the lengths to which they will take this behavior when it is really not necessary at all?

Ponder or respond if you so choose.  I hope this post finds all well in your worlds!

Over and out: Cat

Monday, February 22, 2010

Scratch it's reasons I'm taking care of me!

I got a heads up from a former student that my blog needed an update, and yes, it does.  The last time I posted something here I was looking forward to the promise of a future with someone who recently decided he didn't want that future anymore.  Now, it's time to focus on me, and I can't tell you how excited I am about that.  I feel as if a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders, and as much as I ride the emotional roller coaster these days, the ride has already become an exciting learning process.

I can tell you that I learned the true meaning of family and friendship throughout this whole ordeal. I have amazing people who continue to stand by me and help me find strength I never knew I had. When you have people in your life that will let you cry, let you scream, let you vent (and help out a little with that know who you are peeps), and make you laugh through the tears, you have some amazing people in your life. Although this has been ONE of the toughest times in my life, I can't give it the distinction of being the toughest, and  I know the character building and the changes that have already begun to occur are going to make this ride called life so much sweeter in the present and so much more exciting in the future! Therefore, whenever you get a chance, wherever you are, and however you are a part of my life, raise your glasses in celebration of the sweetness that is today and the promise and excitement that the future holds for all of us!!!